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This is the official web site of the Department of Legal Medicine, Kansai Medical University, and the Laboratory of Forensic Science, Medical Science Course, Kansai Medical University Graduate School of Medicine, for students in Kansai Medical University.

Legal Medicine, or Forensic Medicine (Science), is defined as the application within jurisprudence of medical knowledge and the findings of its underlying science to the solution of questions of law.

These questions concern the causes of death, identify of the living and dead, results of injuries of all kinds, effects of violent crimes and unnatural offenses, the nature of toxic or lethal agents, and medical ethics.

The function of Legal Medicine is to prevent, alleviate, and correct the social ills by understanding both the body of man (medicine) and the regulation of society (law).

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Professor: Atsushi Akane, MD, PhD; Lecturer: Masaki Hashiyada, PhD; Assistant Prof: Tomohiro Matsumoto, PhD; Sumitaka Yoshimura, BAgr; Technician: Takuma Tokiyasu; Senior Lecturer: Manabu Yoshida, PhD

Laboratory of Forensic Science and Bioethics Kansai Medical University Graduate School of Medicine